SzervizBela can play out a pre-recorded still image or short movie clips to your DVB networks in loops. This helps if you want to notify your DVB subscribers via a normal DVB service. SzervizBela can simulate a video stream like a normal DVB service, so you can replace your existing DVB service input (for example if an IRD goes wrong) in a DVB Headend in seconds.

Common tasks where SzervizBela can help you

- DVB S/C/T input

- Notifying DVB subscribers about repairing the DVB network

- Still image in the time period when a particular DVB TV service doesn't have signal

- Scheduled playout when a particular DVB TV service doesn't have any programme


- MPEG-2 TS input

- DVB ASI output

- IP/UDP output

- Scheduling

- Web interface to switch between output configurations